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Traffic Law

Speeding tickets are all the more likely in today's world of busy
schedules and frequent commutes. When this happens, it is common
for the individual to allow the court system to enter a finding of guilt
without any attempt to avoid the conviction. The resulting points which
are assigned to your driving record can result in higher auto insurance
premiums. Additionally, most states have an agreement to send
information about a traffic conviction to a driver's home state. In some
instances, there are consequences regarding your privilege to drive.

In a vast majority of cases, a better outcome can be achieved when the
motorist has an experienced attorney present in court to defend the
charge on their behalf. By having an attorney, the motorist can achieve a
positive outcome without having to attend the hearing. Our attorneys
work with the charging officer and court officials to attempt to resolve
the charges favorably. Our law firm handles traffic cases across
southwest Virginia, including Wythe County, Carroll County, and Bland

If you are interested in discussing a ticket with an attorney who will give
you an honest evaluation of your case, we would encourage you to
contact one of our attorneys. We believe that a few minutes on the
phone with one of our attorneys will be very beneficial to you in deciding
how best to proceed.

Speeding in excess of 20 miles per hour over the speed limit, or
speeding over 80 miles per hour,
results in a charge of reckless
driving. This is a criminal offense with a maximum punishment of 12
months in jail, $2500 fine, and 12 month license suspension. It will
also result in 6 demerit points being assigned to your driver's
license, which is a red flag to auto insurance companies.
Traffic Law
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