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Family Law
Divorce and Custody

Nearly half of marriages in the United States end in divorce. This trend
means that regrettably, more families are facing issues of divorce and
child custody than ever before. In guiding our clients through these
difficult times, we take a caring approach that aims to achieve a client’s
goals and best interests. This caring approach is especially important
in cases involving children. We know that in a child custody case, your
first concern is your child’s well-being, a concern we share. Not only do
we represent parents and other relatives in custody matters, but also
regularly represent children as certified Guardians ad Litem for children.

Without question, the process of dividing marital property during a
divorce is one of the most critical time periods for any person. The laws
are complicated in this regard and assets can be won or lost based on
the smallest of details. At the Jackson Law Group, we understand the
importance of getting a fair division of your property, and we understand
through our vast practical experience how to help you achieve the best
Family Law
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